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On 11 Dec 2015 I bought a replica watches uk, item number 25515 and paid in full. I received the confirmation email, confirmation number 10560001 from your company. But, yesterday I received another email from your company telling me that you had not this replica watches uk in stock to send it for me, so I could choose other replica watches uk and your company will give me discount to compensate it. I wonder why in your web you still say availability in stock. Any way, if you do not have this replica watches uk available in stock, then I prefer to buy that replica watches uk, item number 25514, size 32 * 38mm with the discount your company promised. Can you tell me please how much it will cost me to buy this replica watches uk after the promised discount. I will buy more of these replica watches if I liked this replica watches uk. Also, Please can you inform me whenever the replica watches uk item 25515 became available.

You emailed me ten days ago informing me that the replica watches have been sent and that you will be send me the tracking number of the replica watches. I have not yet received the replica watches nor the tracking number. I have been very patient up to now but now I will contact the authorities the credit card conpany and inform them of my back experience with your conpany and post warnings on the internet if I do not receive the replica watches within seven days. Found out that Mongsarn SRO is the Sjanghai based company to which the money for the annulated order, because of non availability of the ordered replica watches uk was sent through Meaning that you received the money for a good that never will be delivered. This also means that I am still entitled to the return of that money. Or that I will place another replica watches uk order for more or less the same money. I will have an other look into you web. But, are there any replica watches uk at all ? I have read the instructions and the chronograph and stopwatch still doesnt work, Also there is the issue with the bracelet pin falling out when I tried to adjust it, and there are no other markings apart from the crown logo on the clasp, and why did this replica watches uk cost me £85 when it should have been £59 like the other replica watches. I refer to model number 12815 on your website. The replica watches uk you sent me is the same as this one. Also, if the replica watches uk that I ordered, the one with the clear case back is no longer available then why is it still being advertised on your website?